What you will learn in a break dancing class

A breakdancing class, often referred to as “breaking” or “b-boying/b-girling” class, offers children and adults a unique and engaging opportunity to explore the world of hip-hop dance and urban culture. Breakdancing is a dynamic and physically demanding art form that combines elements of dance, athleticism, creativity, and self-expression. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what a person will learn in our breakdancing classes:

  1. Foundation Moves: Breakdancing classes typically begin with teaching students the foundational moves and techniques. These include:

   – Toprock: The upright dance moves performed while standing. This includes basic steps, shuffles, and various rhythmic movements.

   – Footwork: Low-to-the-ground movements performed with the feet and legs. Students learn how to execute intricate patterns and transitions while maintaining control.

   – Freezes: Static poses that require balance and strength. Students learn how to hold various freeze positions, which are essential for creating dynamic routines.

   – Power Moves: More advanced and acrobatic moves like spins, flips, and windmills. These require strength, flexibility, and coordination.

  1. Rhythm and Musicality: Breakdancing is closely tied to music, particularly hip-hop and funk. Students learn to listen to the beat, understand rhythm, and synchronize their movements to the music. Musicality is a crucial aspect of breakdancing as it helps dancers express themselves and create visually captivating routines.
  1. Creativity and Expression: Breakdancing encourages creativity and self-expression. Students are encouraged to develop their unique style and put their own spin on traditional moves. They learn how to improvise and adapt their dance to different music and situations.
  1. Physical Fitness: Breakdancing is an excellent form of physical exercise. Students develop strength, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular endurance through the various movements and drills. The physical demands of breakdancing can also help improve posture and balance.
  1. Coordination and Balance: Breakdancing requires precise coordination of different body parts. Students improve their balance, spatial awareness, and proprioception (the sense of one’s body in space) as they practice various moves and transitions.
  1. Performance Skills: As students progress in their breakdancing class, they learn how to perform in front of an audience. This includes stage presence, confidence, and connecting with the audience through their movements and expressions.
  1. History and Culture: Breakdancing has a rich cultural history rooted in hip-hop culture. Instructors may provide background on the history of breakdancing, its significance in urban communities, and the pioneers of the art form. Understanding the cultural context can deepen a person’s appreciation for breakdancing.
  1. Respect and Discipline: Breakdancing classes often emphasize respect for instructors, fellow students, and the dance form itself. Students learn the value of discipline, practice, and perseverance as they work to improve their skills.
  1. Community and Collaboration: Breakdancing fosters a sense of community and collaboration. Students often practice together, share knowledge, and support one another’s growth. This sense of belonging can be particularly valuable for children.
  1. Performance Opportunities: Some breakdancing classes offer opportunities for students to perform at showcases, competitions, or community events. Participating in these events can boost a student’s confidence and provide a sense of achievement.

In summary, a breakdancing class for children and adults offers a comprehensive learning experience that includes dance techniques, physical fitness, creativity, cultural awareness, and personal development. It provides a space for self-expression, discipline, and social interaction while allowing children and adults to explore an exciting and dynamic art form.

Break Dancing Program Details

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Homeschool Breakdancing

Here are the details of our Homeschool Break Dancing Classes. 

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